My mother voice suddenly became nostalgic and sad in the middle of our Skype conversation: “Ania if you only were here…close…why by the way you have to change job once again….me and your father had one job in our entire life and you had already changed work and countries 3 times. I sigh. How to explain that everything has changed, that we are living in capitalistic world that you have to adapt to new conditions or you will be spit out by the system. The person of 21st century has to be as chameleon, easy to adapt, always alert. Dora and Petros story is not much different from mine, 14 years together, during this time they were living in three different countries, facing many difficulties but always supporting each other, always close even if physically far away. Whenever I see them together it’s so clear that one complete the other, that 14 years together is based on love, respect, understanding and having fun together. All the best my dear Dora and Petro for your new road wherever it takes you.


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